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10 Habits Of Great Marketers

10 Habits Of Great Marketers

Marketing is an art. The life of a marketer would be easy if they could just do three things and stop; but we have to keep on top of so many different areas like campaigns, goals, budgets, and priorities. We work hard – constantly creative- thinking up new ideas for our clients daily! Despite the challenges that come with this career choice (we’re talking constant deadlines!), marketing professionals still find ways to make their jobs more enjoyable by doing what’s needed, habitually!

Marketing is a lucrative career. If you put your mind to it and take certain steps towards an inventive routine, then great habits can be formed. It takes discipline and a game plan to start seeing improvements in your strategy – here are 10 things that every great marketer does on the daily basis.

Setting Up Goals

The most successful goals in marketing are simply the product of a wise and clever mind. We must set goals to make sure our marketing efforts will be successful before they happen.

Success is what you make of it! Maybe success means lead generation, customer acquisition, or a specific amount of revenue to generate. Whatever goal you have set for yourself – be sure to assign an appropriate benchmark that will help keep your mind on track and motivated at all times. And once the best marketers reach their goals they don’t stop there: they continue striving with new insights.


Constant Monitoring Of Competition

Don’t stumble through the dark alone. Know your competition, learn from them and then out-do them. It’s not embarrassing to be curious about what they’re doing, it shows that you want to know where we stand in comparison with others.

With a little bit of research, you can find out what your competitors are up to and it will give you an idea of the challenges that lie ahead. You may also have found yourself thinking “my competitor is in the top 3 SERPs” well don’t fret because this means they’re probably using different strategies than yours which could be their downfall as there might be gaps for another company with better SEO practices.

Target Audience – Always On Mind!

Marketers who know how to keep up with their audience are what make the world go round. And this starts by knowing your target market inside and out, which means that you need to think about more than just age group or gender. Great marketers build a marketing strategy around customer needs- but one way you can identify these is through buyer personas.

The methods of communication that define your persona should be visible in all parts of the marketing strategy. From website copy and design to social media scheduling, these are essential components for a cohesive story.

Create Riveting Content

We know you’ve heard this before, but we’re saying it again. You need blog posts, ebooks, and so on. There are tons of content types that you could be dabbling in! The great marketer doesn’t limit themselves to just one-they create shareable content for their audience who are interested in your industry too! Content is a wonderful way to educate prospects about what matters most concerning your business – gaining them as credible resources.

Great marketers are also able to create inventive content when there’s an opportunity. They don’t need anything new, they make it happen and take all the credit! If your posts are all the same and losing engagement, try making them more creative by including interactive options or visuals like videos that stand out against the competition. Your brilliant marketing strategy should be able to attract a buzz within your market!

Building Relationship With Prospects And Existing Customers

Building a relationship with prospects and leads is the key to marketing. It starts from the moment your prospect sees you on their screen and continues throughout each customer’s journey to purchase conversion or engagement, for them to get what they want.

Automated emails are a great way for marketers to nurture relationships with leads and help them find something they may enjoy. Marketers can send series of automated emails that build on the lead’s interests by providing additional content they might like. You can also nurture these connections more personally if it’s within the company’s scale; use this opportunity to follow up on recent conversions and engagements across their website!

Social media is the perfect place to find and engage with their audience. Marketers can tailor posts, surveys, polls, or other incentives on social networks to stay top of mind within this space without wasting ad dollars elsewhere.


Engage In Social Listening

Listening to what is being said about your brand and industry on social media is often overlooked. It’s easy for people who use Twitter, Facebook, or other sites like that to rant at you without expecting a response from the company they’re criticizing. If only companies were more tuned in! There are plenty of opportunities missed when we go days without hearing anything new – it can be hard for consumers if the issue isn’t solved right away. Listening closely to what customers have been saying lately can make all the difference between success and failure.

Social media is a place where people often ask questions and hope for someone to give them an answer. If you’re listening vigilantly though, there are opportunities to respond in real-time and become a reputable source of information by talking directly with your audience regularly. These conversations can provide great marketing benefits as well because they show that the company cares about what their customer wants or needs!

Social listening can be a powerful tool for brands, so it’s important to nurture those who follow you. Whether your brand is large or small in scale, following one follower on social media may not seem like an accomplishment at first glance – but listen close! A great marketer knows that this person represents their company and reflects onto them when they are responsive.

Segmentation Of The Market

The targeted approach to communication is much more effective than the generic one of sending out a massive email blast. Everyone in your contact database has different needs and wants, which would be hard for you as an organization to manage if they all get the same message from you at once. We should start with finding what makes them unique by asking questions about their pain points or concerns using our checklist or survey sent out via email or embedded on our website.

You can segment contacts by pain points and market to each group differently. Each group will have its own unique personal needs which should be addressed specifically for them to feel like their pain is being taken care of. Marketing efforts are more effective when a contact feels that they’re receiving the attention that’s necessary especially if it pertains directly to what they need at the moment.

Conduct Regular Tests On Websites

This is a very good part of being a marketer. By testing different items across campaigns, you’ll be able to understand what works and doesn’t work in the marketing world. Great marketers have to demonstrate technical skills as well as analytical abilities so there are ways that go beyond creating content – like designing or formatting websites for example.

A/B testing is an effective way to conclude how to optimize your website. When you want to measure the effectiveness of your CTA, try changing its color. Choose one that’s more eye-catching and test how it affects click-through rates or engagement levels. But when you want more advanced results; it’s time for A/B Testing!

With the power of website technology, you can control what a visitor sees on your site. With this type of experimenting, even seasoned marketers are surprised with results.

Marketer habbits

Measuring And Analysis Of Data

Always take a look at the data and keep track of campaign performance. A great marketer looks into these numbers to see what’s working or not and contextualizes them for reasons why they are succeeding better than others to improve your marketing strategy. Studying the audience’s behavior with regards to how they interact with content from you is essential in optimizing it so that people will want more out of it as time goes on. Here are some  examples of things that great marketers measure from their campaigns:

  • Measuring how different pages perform
  • Analyzing the percentage of opened emails
  • Considering click-through rate across CTAs in a blog
  • Considering the number of times content has been downloaded
  • Identifying social media engagement trends

The first step is to measure. The second step is to analyze, and the last one might be hard: make changes as necessary – repeat it, reform it, or trash what doesn’t work out in your favor.

Always Innovating

Great marketers should always be on the lookout for new and innovative ways of distinguishing themselves from their competition. Being creative in your marketing by trying out new things and implementing different ideas can help you rise to the top.

The business world is ever-evolving. Just this past year we saw how a global pandemic completely changed the way businesses conduct their operations to stay afloat during such difficult times. Some companies became more innovative while others remained stagnant throughout these trying economic years, but one thing was certain for every company: they needed to adjust strategies or face extinction.

It’s important to stay on top of all the latest happenings. If you want to be up-to-date and informed, make sure that your company is using the latest technology optimally. The marketing world is constantly changing so don’t be afraid to start a trend or fad of your own.

As a marketer, you are in charge of coming up with campaign ideas that will get the attention of your target audience. Keeping up-to-date on all things marketing and reading quality content is not an easy job but as long as you do everything mentioned above, it’ll be easier for sure!

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