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13 Hacks To Increase Your Productivity

13 Hacks To Increase Your Productivity

We often have this distressing misconception of productivity where the more hours you put in, the more work comes out. Less socialization during your day means a better chance for production. And if there’s any way to get even lazier than before; it will be an opportunity well met!

There are plenty of things that people think will help them be more productive, but in reality, they’re not the problem. It’s our mindset and how we approach tasks that has a huge payoff on productivity levels. 

We all know that we’re supposed to get more done when we focus on one task at a time, but sometimes it’s not possible. How do you make the most of your limited productivity? Try these counterintuitive hacks and see if they don’t help put things in perspective for you: Sure, some may sound strange – but don’t let that deter you from trying them out. It has been helpful to most of our team members at Digitally Global.


Make a Schedule As Per Your Energy Levels

Every person has a unique biological schedule – circadian rhythms, making us sleep at night and keep us awake during the day; this also determines the sudden falls and piques of our energy levels. 

You want to be productive – know when your most engaging hours are (the pique energy time) and plan more intricate or important projects for those times.

Consider Working Less

Some people think that working fewer hours will make them get done with their work slower, but this is not the case. It may be better to have shorter hours because it can help you stay healthy and productive.

A study published by John Pensively of Stanford University found that how much employees get done takes a sharp drop after 50 hours of work in a week, and even more drastically after 55 hours. The study found that when people were put on 70-hour weeks they produced nothing new during those 15 extra hours.

The more you work, the less mentally and physically fresh you become. Eight hours in a day usually makes it noticeable that your productivity starts to drop due to fatigue. Unless something like a critical deadline is invigorating, chances are slim for delivering at full potential then.


Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

To start, what we eat and how much we eat can make a huge difference in our performance at work. We all wake up with low blood sugar first thing in the morning because that’s technically been fasting for about eight hours or so – even though it feels like an eternity. Most of us wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, sluggish, apathetic, and even irritable, but thankfully coffee is always there to save the day! It may seem amazing on its own while you’re drinking it; however, if you don’t balance out your diet afterward by eating something healthy – you’ll soon be crashing into another energy slump.

Opt for healthy breakfast foods with the fiber, protein, and vitamins that’ll give you energy from morning to night. Foods rich in vitamin B can help improve your concentration so choose oatmeal or bananas as the start of your day instead of sugary cereal.

Get Proper Sleep

Sleep deprivation can result in decreased productivity and mental clarity. If you want your workday to go well, make sure that before coming back online after dinner for more working hours, are getting an adequate amount of sleep each night.

Sleep-deprived people tend to be less productive at work. They have more health problems than those with a normal amount of rest, and it costs their company money in the form of productivity losses that average around $2,500 per person.

Not everyone indeed needs the same amount of sleep, but it turns out most adults need seven or eight hours at night to operate optimally. Only 1-3% of people can manage five or six without their performance suffering.

Be a Less Of a Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a great trait to have, but at some point, you should be asking yourself when ‘good’ will do. You can always find something else that could make your work better and if the result isn’t perfect then it’s not worth sacrificing everything for perfection.

Take a Proper Break

Here’s why you should take a break from your desk for lunch – only one in five people leave their desks or the office. This is bad news because it can have negative consequences on thinking, creativity, and productivity at work, not to mention how unhealthy staying seated all day long can be! Taking a walk outside can be just as rejuvenating, and sometimes more so than anything. To have a better understanding of how to create a healthy work environment, touch base with us, today!

The Power Of Naps

You may not get all the sleep you need, but a power nap in the middle of your day can help with processing new information and even learning skills. If that doesn’t work for you at work, try taking a break to take an easy walk or just let yourself dream away from it!


Look At Cute Pictures Of Animals

According to a study by Hiroshima University in Japan, looking at cute animals can increase your concentration. Participants who looked at pictures of baby animals experienced 44% improvement on tasks that required focus as opposed to participants who didn’t look and did the same task beforehand. The study also found that it was images of baby creatures rather than adult or pleasant-looking foods that caused the biggest productivity boost. The study concluded: that cute objects may elicit careful behavior in specific situations, such as driving or working.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

So, you’re one of those people who can’t focus when your desk is dirty? This has been proven in some cases. When our desks are messy with piles and stacks of papers and books that we never read, it can cause quite a bit of stress which undermines productivity.

A recent survey by OfficeMax of over 1,000 American adults found that 90% believe clutter harms their lives and work. Specifically, they found 77% think cluttered workspaces damage productivity while more than half find it impairs state of mind or motivation levels.

Create a Playlist For Work

Listening to music at work can make you happier and more productive. It’s not a direct cause-and-effect relationship, but it turns out that listening to your favorite jams while taking on tedious tasks can increase dopamine production in the brain which will ultimately improve productivity levels.

A study published by the University of Windsor in Canada looked at how listening to music affected work quality and time-on-task of software design, specifically. The study found that developers who listened to upbeat tunes finished tasks more quickly than those without any sound, but for a very specific reason: because it made them feel better.

The study also found that personal choice for what you were listening to mattered a lot. After all, if you don’t like classical music then why would it make any difference?


Go To a Coffee Shop

Have you ever been to a coffee shop and thought to yourself, “I could get some work done here”?  Studies show that people are more productive when they’re around background noise such as music from a coffee shop compared to sitting silently at work or in similar settings. Results found that moderate levels of sound helped people with creative tasks; whereas high levels greatly hampered productivity.

Exercise Regularly

People who exercise during normal working hours are more productive at work, even though they technically logged fewer hours.

After all, the original saying “no pain no gain” is still true today in a world of busy lifestyles and desk jobs!

Use Vacation Time

Burnout is a serious issue, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. If you work for months without taking significant breaks, chronic stress can lead to physical exhaustion or emotional detachment.

Breaks can be more productive than you might think. When we’re off work for a little while, it gives us the chance to recharge and refocus on our productivity. 91% of business leaders believe their employees return recharged ready to go back into battle with renewed vigor!

The benefits of taking time off are too numerous to count – but one thing’s certain: this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed out on to not only increase your happiness levels but also improve your overall performance at work.

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