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Brand Your Business Cost-Effectively

The word “brand” is an often misunderstood term in marketing. It’s one that people use without really knowing what it means or why they’re using this buzzword; when you look into the meaning of branding for yourself, as well as how and where to start with investing time in your brand – you’ll find out just why everyone seems so obsessed with branding! The best way to brand your business without a ton of cash is through clever branding. We, at Team Digitally Global, will discuss some creative and effective ways that have helped us grow our company with minimal time investment while also saving money for our future endeavors.


Branding Your Business

Building your brand is the foundation for building a business. It gives your brand identity, value, and awareness among consumers that will help grow both, your brand as well as your business by generating revenue or increasing your customer base. The plethora of resources available today makes this process easier than ever before.

A brand is made up of tangible and intangible elements: the logo, which embodies your company’s personality; an identity that isn’t something concrete but integral in connecting with consumers. Together these make up what people think about you – so it’s crucial to spend time crafting each one carefully for maximum impact on consumers’ perceptions.

Wondering where you should start? Our team of marketing experts suggests developing a brand playbook that includes the following:

  • Brand Story and Positioning
  • Brand Tagline
  • Company’s mission statement and key values
  • Target audience
  • The voice and tone of communicating with customers
  • Brand asset creation

This playbook will help you communicate your company’s unique values and traits clearly with a consistent voice. Once you know your target audience, build strategic messaging for them to easily understand why their life would be better if only they had more of whatever product or service your brand offers.

It’s interesting to see how important a company’s brand image is. A 2019 survey by Promotique found that even if consumers hear positive things about your product or service, three out of five won’t use the company as they think its logo may be terrible. This shows just how imperative it can become for marketers when designing logos so they are appealing aesthetically with good design elements like fonts and colors. Creative assets are an investment that will contribute to the longevity and growth of your brand. So don’t skimp on them!

Imagine the feeling of being exposed to your brand everywhere and having it recognized by all. The prospect sounds too good to be true; according to Lucidpress’ 2019 State-of Brand Consistency study, brands who maintain consistency across platforms enjoy an average 33% increase in revenue! If that is not a reason enough for you then we don’t know what is. Building a community can also help solidify any business’s legacy.
Your brand extends beyond marketing to other key aspects of your business, so make sure it’s consistent with what you’re trying to do. Your product strategy should align with the style in which it sells; if not then people will see through any attempts at authenticity or likability because there are too many flaws for customers who know better than trust a company that pulls such tricks on them.

Ways To Market Your Brand On a Budget

Building a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Following the basics can help you grow your company without breaking the bank: keep customers in mind and deliver messages that support your mission statement. Here are some budget-friendly ways to build your brand:

Create Your Audience Persona

Knowing your audience is the key to creating appealing marketing messages for them. A great way to get to know them? Create a buyer persona: a semi-fictionalized representation of your ideal customer’s values and characteristics. Personas also outline your customer’s challenges and where your business fits into solving them.

Brand Identity And Voice Development

Developing a brand voice and identity is similar to constructing your personas. But instead of answering questions about what makes people buy from you, this time around you are looking into how your company should talk; your values, beliefs, or feelings that you want your audiences to share with the world when it comes to talking about your brand.


Social Media Presence

So, you have a good idea of who your customers are. And now we can create messaging that will connect with them – but where? You’re not done yet! Social media platforms allow you to reach potential buyers before they even buy; it would be wise if your company took advantage of these opportunities as well by monitoring what people say online about specific brands or products to get ahead of the competition.

Social media has been the go-to for many, and it’s no surprise why. A 2020 Sprout Social Index report found that 89% of consumers will purchase from brands they follow on social media! With 57% saying this is what drives them to keep up with companies’ updates or posts – you know your target audience wants more info about who their favorite brand is today so start by looking at where people spend time online. Additionally, look at each social platform’s demographic breakdown to better understand who you’re targeting and where.

It’s important to think of the content you plan on posting and what interactions with your followers are desired. According to the Sprout Social Index report, one major reason why consumers unfollow brands on social media is irrelevant content or too many ads.

Start Blogging

Starting a blog is the first step to inbound marketing. It helps you reach qualified customers, like your personas by creating content that matches what they’re searching for and it’s important to make posts relevant to your audiences because this helps in relationship building – their first interaction with your brand – even before you advertise or promote your products.
You can’t start a blog without knowing what your audience wants to know. Conduct keyword research and you will find out the most important topics for them via search engines. While blogging is inexpensive, it does take time.

Prioritize Customer Service

Building a brand is not easy. It takes time, effort, and money to do so but sometimes you can cut down the cost by making excellent customer service your cornerstone in building up word-of-mouth among existing customers as well as potential ones! This is earned media – The recognition that your brand has earned, not paid for, from people talking about something you did that was remarkable.

Use Co-Branding

You’re just starting to build a brand, you might not have the reach. You can take the steps to build it, but that takes time. Until then, one way to get your name in front of a broader audience is to partner with a brand that does have that reach.
Working with a co-marketing partner (an external brand) can be a really valuable way of growing your audience while building a beneficial relationship with a partner. But don’t just pick any brand for a partnership. Make sure it’s one that’s aligned with yours, so it makes sense in the minds of your audience.


Host Webinars

It’s easy to grow your brand and attract more leads by hosting webinars. You can promote them online with hashtags or witty captions for an engaging experience that will make people want what they see! A 45-minute session gives you time between tasks while still showcasing all of your expertise in one place, so start now if this sounds interesting.
Running experiments doesn’t have to cost a dime, and hosting an hour-long webinar takes just one day from start to finish. The result? Spreading the word about your company’s values like delighting customers with helpful educational content is easy when you use these two quick methods.

Branding on a budget? It’s possible. What counts, when you’re brainstorming ways to brand effectively and use the resources at your disposal is how much mindful thought has gone into it beforehand – from keeping the audience in mind down to creating engaging content for them.
Have fun building your own unique identity; this creative process will be worth every minute. To learn more and implement the best brand marketing strategies, click here!

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