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Content Marketing Trends And Statistics To Watch Out For In 2021

Content marketing is a process of planning, creating, and sharing content with your target audience. It helps you create brand awareness to convince customers to take action and drive revenue – making it the perfect fit for any business looking to attract new consumers. There are various types of Content Marketing like social media or blogs, but there’s always room for innovation as well! New trends in this field come out every year that changes how businesses reach their audiences.

Marketers, it’s essential to know what your competitors are focusing on so you can create a strategy and stand out from the crowd. In this post, discover important stats about where content marketing is heading in 2021 and trends to look out for throughout the year.

Content Marketing Statistics To Consider:

  • 47% of buyers will see about 3-5 pieces of content before they’ll need to speak with a sales representative
  • 82% of marketers are using content marketing to attract customers in 2021, up by 70% from last year
  • Marketers’ primary goals for running marketing campaigns are to create brand awareness, increase sales and get people talking about their product
  • Video is the most popular form of content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics
  • Google’s search algorithms are trying to make the best experience across mediums like images, podcasts, and videos
  • B2B organizations are using the top technologies to supplement their content marketing by analyzing metrics, publishing on social media channels, and sending emails
  • The top three organic content distribution channels for B2B marketers are social media channels, email, and websites



Content Marketing Trends In 2021

Video Has Taken The Center Stage

In 2020, the amount of media uploaded increased by 80% YoY. This is due to consumers spending most of their time at home and watching content instead of doing other things like in previous years. In just one year we watched 12 billion minutes worth of video which equals a little over 23 million years!

Video is now the primary form of media for any content strategy because it’s changing how people consume. For example, some businesses are creating shorter videos on TikTok to raise brand awareness while others have opted for long-form videos to keep up with evolving consumer behavior and interests.

Leverage Multimedia As Much As Possible

It’s not just video, it appears that multimedia is the new wave in content marketing. Marketers need to come up with creative ways of breaking up text so that audiences can understand what they are reading as well as watch a short clip or two at the same time.

The human mind is a powerful tool for processing information, but it can only take so much at once. Inserting multimedia – such as video clips and interactive slides into text-heavy content will become a more popular way of engaging audiences by allowing them to process materials easier.



Strategized SEO Tactics

In 2021, 69% of marketers will be investing more in SEO. It’s up 5%. The increased investments are to create tailored experiences for website users. This shift is less about optimization as a whole but instead focuses on captivating the attention of niche keywords with engaging content. 

The best way to capture strategic keywords is by uploading unique, valuable content that stands out from the competition. 71% of marketers reported this as their strategy for SEO in 2021 and now more than ever businesses are looking for a way to simply appear on SERPs.

Podcast – Growing Immensely

Podcasts are the latest craze in content marketing and for good reason. Consider the following statistics:

  • Podcasts are more ubiquitous than ever before, with 34 million episodes and over 1.5 million active shows on the airwaves as of October 2020
  • In less than three years, podcast listening has increased by more than 60% in the United States
  • Apple and Spotify are taking podcasts to the next level with their increased investments
  • The podcast market will reach more than 2 billion by 2023, marketers are investing their time and money

Podcasts are as popular with consumers now more than ever before. In fact, there’s something for every interest! If you’re looking to learn or be entertained then podcasts have thousands of episodes that suit your needs – whether it’s a mystery tale or the story behind how your favorite business was built.

Podcasts are the new talk radio. They feel like having a conversation with someone, rather than being talked at by them. Podcast listeners often feel they’re being spoken to in more of an intimate way that is naturally human-like. When it comes to the benefits of podcasts, there’s no denying that they are game-changers for business. In fact, 53% of podcast listeners say ads don’t bother them while 61% claim these same commercials have made them more likely to buy a product featured during an episode.

Podcasting is a great way to establish your business as an industry authority. By showcasing yourself and your team on the podcast, you can speak authentically about what matters most for all those listening globally.

Personalization Of Content

A focus for marketers in 2021 is to share content with consumers that is contextually relevant and shown at the right time. This means you study your audience’s likes, needs, desires and share what you know will speak to them. In turn, it builds the loyalty of brand customers who drive conversions by purchasing goods or services from a company they like. An example of leveraging this trend would be studying user behavior on your website; if somebody lingers on specific product pages place an item into their cart then lead them back there next time they visit as well.


Quality Wins Over Quantity

Valuable digital content is the new gold standard for a successful business since 2020. This trend started because consumers are on their devices all day and see everything coming from your company – that means if you post three Instagram stories per day but don’t give any value while competitors only posted one story, what does it matter? Never before has ensured the audience obtained true value meant so much for a brand’s success.

Webinars, Virtual Events – Trending Now!

Webinars have become an increasingly popular way to spread information and offer presentations. Despite once being declared outdated, webinars are becoming a preferred method of delivering seminars, lectures, or workshops due in part to the COVID-19 safety regulations. Consider the following  statistic:

  • Webinar platforms saw a 76% increase in virtual events between March and June of 2020

The benefit of attending virtual events is that consumers can interact with businesses and continue to derive value from presenters. As safety restrictions are lifted, webinars and virtual conferences remain popular – the global webinar market is expected to reach 800 million by 2023 up 253 million from 2015. 

This new “work from home” model is exciting because it allows the consumer to attend an event no matter where they are. Plus, consumers can access content on-demand if there’s a recording and share them with others.

Existing High-Value Content – Repurpose!

COVID-19 has pushed marketers towards prioritizing and providing valuable content. Repurposing content is re-using your existing high-quality and original work that you know will please your audience- just to give them more of what they want.

It’s always important to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the industry, and if you know about these trends it will make your marketing strategy a whole lot better. It’s never too late or too early to start planning out how one can leverage current hot topics like an impending regulation change within their specific business niche. To get the best content marketing service click here.

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