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Critical marketing challenge -2021

Critical Marketing Challenges In 2021

No matter what the problem, there’s always a solution. But while some marketers are having trouble finding their talent or technology to fit their needs, others have found it difficult to find and hire top-tier employees for themselves. Whatever your challenge is within marketing – rest assured that we’re here with advice on how you can follow through to make this business venture more effective than ever before.

But marketing is often fast-paced, so it can be difficult to identify which areas you’ll want to develop for your company’s growth potential. It’s important to pause and reflect on the biggest challenges that marketers will face in 2021. The following is a list of current global marketing issues impacting the industry, say experts.

According to this survey, generating traffic and leads was the number one challenge marketers are facing. Following that is providing ROI for your marketing activities. The other three notable challenges are securing enough budget, delivering an account-based marketing strategy, and managing a website.

It’s important to note, a few other marketers marked “targeting content for an international audience”, “training your team” and “hiring top talent” as their top challenges; yet, these three challenges were marked by less than 3% of the respondent pool.

critical marketing

Let’s learn in more detail along with marketing expert tips from Digitally Global, against each challenge:

Traffic And Lead Generation

In 2021, the top global marketing challenge is generating enough traffic and leads.

The Challenge

In 2021, what has been a challenge in the digital marketing world is now rather easy. According to Google’s 2020 study on search and content marketing trends, there are currently new channels surfacing with promise for any entrepreneur looking into growing their business. One of these newer platforms includes social media advertising which continues to grow as more people use it both personally and professionally each day. The Internet itself is constantly changing at its core: privacy policy changes have resulted in less access to data clarity while economic change has led businesses worldwide through the profound disruption caused by the pandemic.

Privacy changes don’t mean the end of generating leads. Marketers need to be vigilant in understanding industry-wide acceptance and updates for privacy protocols as well as monitoring social media channels that are more personal than ever before.

Marketers are struggling to produce enough demand for their content. As the year progress and competition stiffen, this will only become more difficult. With so many platforms available where marketers can publish their work and even more ways they can promote it, what’s a marketer supposed to do?

The Solution

Content creation is not just about putting your words on the page. It’s also a matter of knowing what people want and giving them more than they ever expected!

In 2021, 69% of people wanted to watch a short video over reading text-based articles, infographics, and ebooks. This means if you’re primarily producing ebook content now for your product or service offerings, the majority of consumers in this time prefer videos instead!

The increasing lengths of videos produced by businesses are a sign that long-form video content is becoming more popular. In fact, in 2021 the number of 30 to 60-minute length videos grew 140% when compared with 2019 — suggesting this form has become much more widespread among companies as an option for marketing or outreach purposes.

To ensure you’re creating content that resonates best with your audience, why not refer to analytics often? Use effective tools like Leadfeeder to properly track the types of content that perform best with your audience.

You can also try out some specific tactics for promoting it in a way so they take notice!

ROI Of Marketing Activities

What is the ROI of your marketing activities? This question remains a top challenge year-over-year for marketers. The problem: only 48% are confident they make good budgeting decisions to invest in programs that influence revenue when asked how confident they were with their decision-making process. It’s not just about making the right content – it’s about justifying your budget.

critical marketing

The Challenge

You may think you know the return on investment for your marketing activities, but as long as they don’t correlate with sales reports it’s hard to be sure.

The Solution

The ROI of your efforts can be illustrated with analytics tools. Marketers need to measure success and 2021 is no exception! Proving ROI doesn’t always have to mean extra work or effort either, certain technologies bake it right into existing processes making them much more effective than they would otherwise be. With the help of pitch decks, savvy marketers use analytics, offering real-time data, to better gauge stakeholder interest and adjust their campaigns.

Marketing wins are now largely digital: engaging prospects and generating more clicks, downloads, and page visits.

There is a great way to see the impact of your marketing efforts. You can measure ROI in customer acquisition by using two systems:

  • Marketing software and CRM solution, which helps you track leads from one system to the next; and,
  • An SLA that makes it easy for both teams to work together more efficiently.

Budget Allocation

It’s hard to come up with a winning marketing campaign without any budget. But even if you do have an amazing idea, companies don’t always approve your request for more money in the aftermath of pandemic-era budgets are tight: That means marketers are faced with achieving high levels of growth and success when they’re only given minimal funds – so how can we make it happen?

The Challenge

Securing more budget is a pressing challenge for marketing globally. And often, getting more money can be difficult – especially for smaller companies who don’t have much to spend or those without any flexibility in their budgets. But the key might not be as tough as you think it will be.

The Solution

The key to unlocking budget lies in being able to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts. According to our report, organizations that can calculate ROI are more likely to get higher budgets. Again, success with inbound marketing also plays a large role in driving higher budgets as long-term strategies produce results and make for an even stronger case for increasing the budget. However, it is important not to be discouraged if you find yourself beginning at a low point; doubling down on this strategy only makes sense.

Website Management

In 2021, 64% of companies are investing in website upgrades. Although managing a website is consistently a challenge to marketers, there’s less fear involved now than ever before. In the data mentioned above, only 5% of marketers listed “managing your site” as their top concern for this year.

The Challenge

People who invest in website management are always looking for ways to make their site faster and more engaging. One way is by making sure your content is well written with keywords that will help you rank high on search engines. You also need a design that pops out at visitors, drawing them in while converting the traffic they send into revenue-generating customers. Check these tips below to see how you can deal with this challenge!

The Solution

Your primary challenge with managing a website has to do with the skills and resources you have available, hiring freelancers is right up your alley. For small companies who don’t have all of their talent in-house required for content creation, optimization design, or back-end website management – outsourcing can help them make better use of what they’ve got going on by letting go of things that are outside their wheelhouse. One solution? Hire freelance workers! To find these talented individuals we recommend:

  • Tap into your personal and professional network by showcasing what you’re looking for on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media site. You’ll be able to find those connections that might not otherwise have found you.
  • Browse through freelance writers and designers based on their portfolios and areas of interest.


You will make website management easier on your team by hosting your website on a platform that integrates all of your marketing channels.

Target Your Content For a Global Audience

Targeting across international boundaries is a key component of all aspects of marketing. With 65% of marketers currently marketing internationally, and at least one-third planning to initiate an international strategy in 2021, any marketer needs to have an international approach. To be more effective as you target buyers’ personas from different countries, the first thing that every business needs to do is identify who they should be targeting with their products or services according to data.

The Challenge

To succeed internationally, it’s not enough for your marketing team just to figure out the best way to reach an international audience. You also need a strong understanding of how different countries organize their websites and which parts they prioritize–which means you’ll likely have some work cut out for you in terms of optimizing your site too.

The Solution

You’re marketing to a new region? Remember, your website visitors might speak a plethora of different languages and live in totally different time zones. To make your content appealing to all these people you’ll need the tools and permissions for translating it into their native language as well as seasonal references that won’t be so obvious outside our country.

Training Your Team

As technology continues to evolve, training your team will become increasingly difficult.

Critical marketing

The Challenge

It’s challenging to train your team on the tools they’ll be using day in and day out. It takes time, patience, understanding of what makes different people tick–and knowing how best to motivate them without getting too pushy or micromanaging their work.

The Solution

You don’t want to be the only one who knows all about marketing, do you? To get an idea of where your team stands, it’s a good idea to assess each person and their strengths/weaknesses. Once that’s done then objectively rate how important they are in terms of expertise level and ROI so far this year.

Talent Hiring

Finding the right talent is another excellent challenge for marketers to experience.

The Challenge

It’s no secret that the demand for top marketing talent is skyrocketing. But companies are quickly realizing they’re not a dime-a-dozen and it takes months to find someone with all of the skills you need. LinkedIn recently released their 2020 report on what employers want from candidates, noting both hard technical skill sets as well as soft creative ones.

The demand for these jobs has skyrocketed so much, there is now a marketing skills gap. Companies are struggling to find candidates with the technical and creative proficiencies needed to succeed in digital marketing.

The Solution

In 2021, it can be incredibly difficult to find talented employees – particularly as more companies offer 4-day work weeks with transparent salaries on job descriptions. Marketers should invest heavily in their employer brand for the long term; just like you need to market your product, you also need to dedicate resources and time to market your company as an attractive place of employment.

LinkedIn data from 2020 proves that 87% of active and passive job candidates will consider new job opportunities. The number one reason for considering or accepting a position is career growth, so companies should get creative with their careers pages to show they have the employees’ best interest in mind.

Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Account-based marketing is an emerging trend that creates a personalized buying experience for targeted accounts. The challenge with it, though, is delivering the individualized customer service and content to create this tailored experience.

The Challenge

So what does account-based marketing entail? It’s a strategic approach to marketing that focuses on accounts, not individuals.

The Solution

One of the best ways to deliver a more personalized experience is by using software that helps bring together your sales and marketing information. ABM tools work in conjunction with collaborative, intuitive features for seamless buying experiences among high-value accounts.

The analysis of your marketing strategy and its present performance will help you find where the biggest opportunity for improvement lies. This is because it’ll allow you to focus on what needs attention most so that when making changes in this area, they can be made more effectively than ever before.

You might also want to look into any training out there related to business or marketing if things are looking a little tight at work these days–you never know how valuable some new knowledge could turn out.

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