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How To Motivate Your Sales Team-Tried And Tested Strategies

How To Motivate Your Sales Team-Tried And Tested Strategies

“Motivating your sales team constantly is important for continued sales success!”

As a salesperson and manager of your team, you can positively influence your team’s sales performance. It is important to focus on your team members’ skill set, and support them with constant motivation so that they can perform better and work to their full potential.

Investing time to develop the skill set of your team is a very objective process. Analyzing the performance of your team and comparing them, will give you a good perspective of the areas that need improvements. The process of motivation is not just restricted to reading up quotes on Pinterest or other applications. It is determined by several external factors. Everyone has their take on motivation. There are numerous tactics for staying motivated and boosting your team’s morale.

Here are some of the tried tactics to motivate sales teams across organizations – and boost their overall performance.


Trust Building

You can be motivated by someone, you trust a lot. For your team members to perform their best, they need to trust you and have faith in you. One of the best ways to motivate your sales team is by talking to them about the challenges they face and suggesting solutions for the same.

As a manager, you must build trust with the team, and maintain it by having an honest conversation with them. You need to be consistent and dedicated in the nurturing process of every team member. Maintaining transparency with your team is extremely important.

Fitting Into The Different Methods Of Reports Of The Team Members

Ask your team members how they prefer their reports should be accepted. Sometimes talking openly to your team and letting them know, that you’re flexible enough to manage them and their methods as per their needs help immensely in the team-building process.

Just like different leads require different methods of communication and selling your products also varies; similarly, effective managers understand, that the best way to get results out of their team members is by fitting into how they present their reports. It is important to avoid any singular format for all the employees to follow.

Understanding The Personal And Professional Goals Of Your Direct Reports

It is impossible to inspire someone unless you know what will drive them toward their dream. Stay alert to find out what your direct reports want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives. This will give you a glimpse of what drives them towards their aim in life. It will also give you an insight into what things will motivate them the most.

Try asking them questions, that will help you to know them better, like:

  • Are you motivated right now?
  • What motivates you in the long term?
  • What can you do to motivate yourself?
  • How will I know if you are not motivated?
  • What do you want me to do if you don’t appear motivated?

Covering The Basics

What demotivates a salesperson is when they stop looking after themselves. Your team’s performance certainly depends on consistent sleep, exercise as well as a healthy diet.

One such beautiful example of this is performed by Robert Yao, who is the founder of EpiFinder. Whenever someone in his team, fails to perform properly, he shows them the pyramid, and asks what do you need more off? And, if the answer to that is food, he buys lunch, if his employees point towards sleep, he will ask them to get a quick nap.


Setting Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Goals

Different salespeople are motivated in different ways. Some are motivated by team-wide sales contests and some are motivated by quota achievement. Some are motivated by qualitative improvements and some are deeply impacted by their performance in the organization, whereas some are motivated by money. Setting up customized goals for every team member will help improve their performance.

Figure Out Where The Issue Lies

Sales Manager needs to keep their teams as well as themselves motivated, throughout. In case one or two members of the team underperform, the minor hick-ups can be settled; whereas underperformance from the entire team directly points out a crisis on the team manager’s end.

People Choosing Their Rewards

Let your team member select their rewards. This may sound strange, but it is a highly effective process of motivation. Plus, this makes your job easier.

Give Great Rewards

Sometimes, you may need to give your salespeople some rewards like:

  1. Prospect for them
  2. Buy them (and maybe a few friends) lunch or dinner
  3. Cook them lunch or dinner
  4. Clean their house (or hire a company to clean it for them)
  5. Babysit their kids
  6. Walk their dog
  7. Wash their car
  8. Give them the full day off

Unlike a traditional cash prize or money, these rewards are motivating to the entire team.

While you’re offering a team-wide SPIF, these ideas can be taken into consideration:

  • Take everyone out to the movies in the middle of the day
  • Go bowling
  • Attend a sports game
  • Throw a pool party or BBQ
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or local philanthropic organization (great for bonding)
  • Play paintball or dodgeball
  • Visit a go-cart facility
  • The aim is to do something happier than usual to uplift their confidence at every moment.

The goal: Do something playful and memorable.


Communication Should Be Above All

As we previously discussed, trust is the cornerstone of a team-building exercise –  let’s know how to build a certain level of trust with the team.

  • Organizing stand-up meetings: to keep your direct reports alert and start the day off right
  • Conducting one-on-one meetings to get to know each team member on an individual level and help coach them toward their goals
  • Try dropping in short motivational emails with encouraging words when the team is not too busy.

These can serve as external validation becoming a big motivating factor.

Finally,  motivation is finding the thing that makes your direct reports willing to go the extra mile. People who aren’t motivated won’t suddenly become top performers if you offer them $1,000 cash. Find out what makes your direct reports work to the best of their abilities – implement those strategies and see the ones with diligence and inner desire shine.

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