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Sales Strategies And Initiatives For Your Business Growth

A strong sales strategy creates the foundation for a cohesive and successful organization. Sales strategies and initiatives also align your sales team on shared goals, empowering them to do their best work. Presenting Digitally Global’s take on the same.

A Sales Strategy:

A sales strategy is a set of decisions, actions, and goals that informs and educates your sales team about positioning the company and its products to close new customers. It acts as a guide for the reps by giving them clear objectives in regards to the sales process, product positioning, and competitive analysis to succeed in a competitive market.

The most important component of choosing and implementing your sales strategy is simple: Customers. Every customer is different; therefore, each organization must draw up its unique strategies that fit the personality types they’re targeting to achieve success.

Here are some effective sales strategies for your team to learn and implement:


Utilize The Potential Of Social Media

With the data on your side, you can increase online sales with some creative thinking and strategic planning. Social media is one of the most popular ways that people consume information these days; so it makes sense that nine out of ten retail businesses are active on at least two social platforms.

Diving headfirst into a hot social media trend or following your competitors may seem like an easy way to get customers, but it won’t necessarily be the best for you. Time is of the essence and there are plenty more people out in cyberspace than just these groups – so don’t waste time on those who aren’t interested. Instead, build up that pipeline as quickly and efficiently as possible by figuring out where your target customers spend their time; meet them right where they’re most active.

Keep in mind that your tone and voice may need to adjust to the platform so you can connect with your audience. You’ll want content that blends naturally on the site, not seeming out of place or distracting from other features.

Be a Thought Leader

It’s always better to help people by offering solutions than just trying to sell them something. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold too, so it makes sense that we all want someone who can offer us the best advice and expertise in a way that feels natural.

Thought leaders do exactly this, and it’s even been backed up by Edleman data. In its 2020 Thought Leadership Impact Study, 88% of respondents agreed that thought leadership is effective in enhancing their perspectives of a company, and the more people who are a part of such an organization’s “thought-leadership family”, the better!

Bad thought leadership content can be bad for your company’s sales goals. And a quarter of decision-makers who answered Edleman’s survey reported that it contributes to their reasons for not doing business with an organization.

Don’t Be Cold On Cold Calls

Cold calling is an unavoidable part of the sales job. But it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. There are several ways to make cold calls more productive. Get in touch with potential customers that will get your team confident and comfortable before making actual call attempts themselves. Have them practice on each other first so they can build up their confidence when you’re not around.

First Research, Then Qualify Prospects

Salespeople often neglect the importance of targeting customers with their products. But when they do, it’s usually because they aren’t doing enough research or qualifying prospects before talking to them about what they’re selling. It takes more work on the front end but can lead to smoother closing conversations later on in your sales process.

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Demonstrate Your Products

Pitching can be the make-or-break moment in a sales strategy. The perfect pitch is both strong and compelling, but it should not be too hard or you’ll scare away any prospects.

Show your prospects how they’ll benefit by making the purchase and have your team practice amongst themselves. Better yet, test a few presentations on loyal customers to get their feedback before presenting it for real.

Personalize Results For Your Prospects

When customers come to your business, they aren’t necessarily looking for a product or service. They are instead coming in search of their desired result and what you have to offer can be the means with which these people hope to improve themselves.

Instead of taking the opportunity to talk about your product or service and its benefits, take a moment and ask questions. This will allow you to understand how they might use it in their business so that when you do speak on behalf of your company, it’s easier for them to see how this can help them.

Be Open To Adapt (Product)

In sales conversations, you should expect the unexpected! It’s only natural when working with companies with different structures and needs. But instead of saying “you won’t” or “you can’t,” make sure your sales strategy is adaptable to accommodate the customer’s desire.

Confidence – The Key To Successful Closure Of a Deal!

To close a sale, you need the ability to set clear expectations and deliver on promises. To do so effectively, use witty techniques like encouraging concise and firm closing methods when conversing with customers.

It is always important to have a few proven, go-to closing techniques in your back pocket. One of the most common and effective sales closures is, “If you commit now, I can get you 20% off,” or asking questions like, “In your opinion does my offering solve your problem?”

Sustain a Loyal Customer Base

Once a deal is done, there’s no need for a sales strategy … right? Wrong. Account management should be an important part of the sales process; it encourages loyal and happy customers through account satisfaction strategies and leverages cross-selling opportunities to increase company revenue.

When you see your sales team succeed with the strategy, make sure they go above and beyond to form a partnership between their department and customer service teams. That way, your customers will continue to enjoy being satisfied with what you have done for them in addition to feeling more inclined towards doing business again as well as advocating on behalf of it.

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Sales Initiatives To Boost Your Sales Strategy

Sales reps should always be looking for ways to innovate their approach. Here are some creative things sales reps and teams can do on their own to jumpstart performance, stand out from the competition, and boost overall productivity:

Rejuvenate Your Buyers’ Persona, Regularly

Buyer personas are the key to successful marketing and sales. Periodically, they need refreshing so that your team can be as effective as possible in pursuing new customers or growing old ones into loyal patrons of your business. With a refreshed buyer persona, you’ll have all the data in hand for identifying potential leads and finding out what will make them come through with their purchase decision.

Synchronize Sales And Marketing

One of the best ways to help your marketing team is by having a service-level agreement (SLA) between them and sales. This SLA will detail how each department can work together and contribute towards goals for prospects to convert into customers more easily.

Integrate CRM

All-in-one CRM can help you with your sales. It eliminates manual work, streamlines the data, and keeps up to date with what is going on in all of their relevant activity – which helps motivate and align a team as well.

Hear Out Your Consumers

Sometimes, prospects might not be customers. But they can still provide valuable feedback! When you’re moving your leads through the sales pipeline and when they drop off, ask for candid feedback about their experience with your team and products to see if there’s anything that could help convert them.

Empower Sales Development And Team-Building

The very best sales teams are more than just a team of individuals. They are on the same page with their customers and coworkers to make it through tough days in this career-defining job. Encourage new interactions or consider adding fun activities for your employees, especially if you notice any signs of burnout creeping up.

Sales strategies and initiatives are the backbones of any successful business. Whether you’re looking to grow your existing customer base or increase overall revenue, click here. With so many avenues for success in the world of marketing today, it can be hard to know where to start when trying to find new ways to drive more customers through your front door. Let Digitally Global take care of all those tedious details by providing expert coaching services tailored specifically for businesses like yours.

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