Search Engine Optimization

What do you do when you have a question?
Let me guess – You Google it. Want to know how I guessed it? It’s because over 80% of people do the same, including your customers. With millions of people searching their concerns on the internet, optimizing your website according to the search engine’s algorithm is paramount.

We being a reputed SEO company in Kolkata, aim for long-term, sustainable, positive results that will bring you new opportunities and clients.

  Technical SEO

Has it ever happened to you? You searched for your concern on google, scrolled through the results, selected a page and got stuck in a seemingly endless loop of loading screen? Frustrating, isn’t it? We ensure that it never happens with your website. Our team of expert web designers and developers will optimize your website by –

We will make your website attractive to the search engine bots, as well as your visitors.

  ON-Page SEO

Be ready to get some sweet traffic on your web page with our proven and time tested on-page SEO strategy. We enhance your web page ranking by –

  Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside a website to influence its rankings within search engine results pages. We use time tested off-page SEO strategies like-

  Local SEO

Efficiently increasing your business’s online presence and promoting its visibility on searches based on location can sometimes be hard. But with our local SEO services, you can create proper growth and get more visibility for your business website. We work to promote all your business locations; even if you operate in a few locations, we make sure each one of them counts.

Our local SEO services in Kolkata, India help small business owners increase their digital presence in miscellaneous ways. We analyze our client’s competitors and also look at local listings. Our local SEO services assure brand visibility and higher conversions. We provide on-page optimization service through analysis, research before the execution of strategies and practical SEO blueprints. We monitor your local store reviews and take actions accordingly. Along with that, we do keyword study based on local link building and provide e-commerce SEO services depending on your business.

  Why Choose Us?

If you desire to develop your business, then Digital Googly is the ideal choice for you. Small, medium, large, no matter the size, our On-Page, Off-Page and Local SEO service will ensure your business the audience it deserves. Make your business the talk of the town with Digital Googly.