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Social Media Branding for Online Gaming

Today, more than ever, people want to connect with their favorite game titles. Brands that market themselves on social media can keep in touch with gamers and create a sense of community around the game.

Social media branding is ‌ creating a digital and tangible presence on social media platforms, designed to promote and enhance your business brand.

It’s essentially the same as you would do in the real world, with large and medium-sized companies touting their brands by using different ‌branding or marketing techniques.

The main purpose of social media branding is to provide visibility to products, services, and company messages through various channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The aim is to brand these messages through social media platforms.

This blog post introduces key considerations when creating an online gaming or video game brand identity through social media channels.


Creating a Social Media Branding Strategy for your Online Gaming Business?

Social media branding is important for all businesses, but it is especially relevant for online gaming platforms. By establishing a consistent social media presence, gaming companies can create an audience of loyal fans who will help promote and evangelize their games.

Social media branding can help gaming companies differentiate themselves from the competition and position themselves as industry leaders.

By employing creative strategies and using the latest trends in social media, gaming companies can effectively build a strong brand that will resonate with their target audience.

1. Establish a strong digital brand

To develop a social media strategy for the online gaming business, it is important to create a strong digital brand. This means that you will need to incorporate the online gaming property’s name into your social media channel.

2. Provide exclusive information

To generate buzz and excitement around the property, it’s always best to provide exclusive information that only your brand can offer your community through social media channels.

By providing exclusive information, the audience will feel as if they are part of an exclusive community and then they’ll want to share this content with their friends, creating even more buzz around the game.

To make your content, reach most of the population on social media platforms, use hashtags and keywords that are related to the top gaming industries and explain certain terms. Some ‌top hashtags to use are:

  1. #videogames
  2. #player
  3. #esports
  4. #playstation, etc.

3. Effective platform utilization

Use tools like Twitch and Discord to track and analyze performance over time. There are a few different ways players can use marketing techniques on social media platforms, such as blogging about favorite game topics, curating interesting links related to gaming, or posting pictures on Instagram showcasing new games.

Other platforms where gamers from all communities can share their achievements, get updates on new games and technology, play, and celebrate are:

  • Playfire: Playfire is a social media platform for gamers who want to prove their skills, connect with like-minded gamers, and share their gaming achievements.
  • Kongregate: Kongregate is a place to play games and have fun! A global leader in casual gaming entertainment, the site hosts thousands of free online games.
  • Facebook Games: Facebook Games give players the ability to meet new friends in their games and play against friends who aren’t fortunate enough to live close by.
  • Gamurs: Gamurs is a social network for gamers. All of this is powered by their in-house developed technology, which enables us to operate completely independently from any other gaming company or industry.
  • GameSpot: GameSpot is a leading source of information about video games on the Internet and television. The site features editorial content from GameSpot editors and regular contributions from leading analysts and game industry celebrities including Hilary Goldstein, Jeff Gerstmann, and others.


Provide meaningful customer service

Interaction through social networks like Twitter is by responding directly to inquiries from customers or providing information about new releases or the latest updates.

Competencies in social media marketing, such as the ability to ‌ create and update content regularly.

You can always follow the top gamers on social media platforms to learn different strategies that work best for your content. Some of the top gamers you should follow across major gaming platforms are:

  1. PewDiePie: He is a top-level gamer with over 100M followers.
  2. Tyler Blevins: A video game lover, one of the most followed gamers with over 24M followers.
  3. KSI: A comedian, rapper, and FIFA gaming enthusiast with a gaming community of 23M followers.
  4. SSSniperWolf: A young YouTuber with a family of over 30M followers, known for her reactions and gaming videos with an exemplary commentary.


Online gaming is becoming more and more popular, with gamers playing games on their laptops or mobile devices while sitting in the comfort of their own homes. This also vastly affects the marketing strategies and publicity for these games, as well.

The growth of social media can benefit game companies when they use it effectively for a branding strategy that includes both traditional and digital media.

Social media gives them a chance to grow their brand in ways that other traditional marketing does not, from exclusive community events to giving away game codes through “competitions.”

We hope this blog helps you create a strong branding strategy for your online gaming content. Happy gaming!

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