3 Steps To Survive Digital Darwinism In Marketing

Digital - Darwinism

When too much technology, society, and consumer behavior evolves at a faster rate than what your company can adapt to; you run the risk of going extinct. It’s no secret that companies are scrambling to make themselves relevant in the new digital age. Innovations like 3D printing augmented reality and virtual reality have made a […]

Are You A Sales Hunter, Farmer, Or Trapper: Know It Here!

Are You A Sales Hunter, Farmer, Or Trapper: Know It Here!

Do you like to prospect for new business, or do you focus on the clients you currently have? Or would you rather apply a value-centered marketing approach so people see it as a resource and approach whenever they need further assistance? Digitally Global, introspect the three basic sales personas in this article. How you approach […]

6 Types Of Modern Day Sales Pitch To Understand & Learn From


A sales pitch should be quick, to the point and attention-grabbing. A successful one will keep your audience in mind while focusing on what you have for them or want from them. Learn from our experts at Digitally Global, about the different types of a sales pitches. What Is a Sales Pitch? A sales pitch […]